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Structural engineer

Job description

1. Evaluate feasibility of new product design and project time;

2 、 responsible for strengthening / semi strengthening product structure design and program evaluation, including tablet PC, handheld products, etc.;

3, according to the R & D mission book requirements of the product project in the structural design of the program, and related links and technical solutions to coordinate communication;

4, according to the structural design plan, develop and design mechanical parts, and put forward the design requirements to related links;

5, according to the structural design scheme, mechanical components design ideas, draw product assembly drawings and parts and components drawing;

6 、 according to the structural design plan, assemble and debug the mechanical parts and adjust them to the electrical structure;

7, according to the assembly and debugging results, coordinate and adjust the design, trial production to achieve technical indicators;

Job requirements

1 、 mechanical, structural design, electronic related professional, college degree or above, 28-45 years old;

2, skilled application of structural design related software, more than three years of electronic products appearance structure design and development experience; have IT, automotive, electronics, glass industry experience preferred;

3, familiar with the glass structure, process characteristics, has certain basic knowledge, proficient in optical glass or general materials (metal, plastic, rubber, magnesium alloy) and its properties, molding, painting, machining, grinding and other aspects of knowledge;

4, good learning, progress, innovation, have good time management ability.