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Start Your Touch System

 Step 1 Connections  

 Power Connection:This provides power to touchmonitors.
  Video Connection: If you want to see picture on your screen, you should connect this to your monitor. You have to choices, VGA or DVI, you can choose the proper one for your system.
  Touch Connection: This input touch signal to your touch system. There are two choices, USB or Serial. 

Step 2 Touchscreen Driver Installation  

Touchscreen driver is software of the touch system which calculates touch point to the system. Driver should match the system of the computer. You can download drivers in Generaltouch website or contact the technical support of your region for help.

Step 3 Calibration  

If your touchscreen can not work well, please follow the "PCT Touch Software User Guide" to calibration the touchscreen. You can also contact the technical support of your region for help.

Touchscreen Maintenance

The touch screen requires very little maintenance. GeneralTouch recommends that you periodically clean the glass touch screen surface. Typically, an isopropyl alcohol and water solution ratio of 50:50 is the best cleaning agent for your touch screen. You can also use straight isopropyl alcohol or any proprietary glass neutral cleaner. If using non-neutral cleaner, it may corrode the surface layer with special treatment and leads the layer with special treatment loses function. If the cleaner enters into the area of reflection stripes, the reflection stripes may be corroded and finally the touch function will be affected.

Apply the cleaner with a soft, lint free cloth. Always dampen the cloth and then clean the screen, be sure to spray the cleaner onto the cloth, not the screen. This method is helpful to control the cleaner consumption. If directly spraying the cleaner onto the touch screen, it is easy to spray too much cleaner, then the cleaner mixed with dust and dirt will seep into the area of reflection stripes through the clearance between the front frame and touch screen, thus it will affect the touch function.